Like Jurassic Cast Podcast? Then why not take the time to visit some our friends for all things Jurassic Park & Jurassic World related - - Follow Jurassic Park superfan Justin, with probably the most interesting JP blog you will ever see!

Jurassic June - Celebrate the Jurassic Franchise every year, for a whole month!

Sick Triceratops - Do you like Jurassic Park & laughing? Say no more...

The Bryce Dallas Howard Network - For all your BDH needs.

The Bearded Trio - A fantastic blog about all things Spielberg, Lucas & Williams

The Aficionauto - Home of the truly fantastic Lost World RV and JP Jeeps

From Director Steven Spielberg - Another great Spielberg focused blog

Cory Baker's YouTube Channel - Our second favourite Aussie's YouTube channel with plenty of JP content

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