Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jurassic Cast weekly update

Following last weeks news that Jurassic World 2 is supposed to be filming in London next summer, that has neither been confirmed or denied by Universal, it has been a pretty slow week news wise.

BUT! That has not stopped your favourite Jurassic Park podcast crew putting out some great new content for your Jurassic-hungry minds.

The Lost Pod: Jurassic Cast podcast #3 is out!

Jurassic Park Podcast - The Lost Pod Jurassic Park 3 Commentary

That's right, episode 3 of the Jurassic Cast sister podcast "The Lost Pod" is now available to download on iTunes, Stitcher and all good podcast outlets. This episode Jack is joined by Lewis aka YouTube Jurassic Park legend Sick Triceratops, who try something a little different by putting out their own Jurassic Park 3 commentary!

Taking Care of Business, John Hammond style...

Sam put together a funny little video at the weekend paying tribute to how much of a business legend John Hammond was, and how he takes care of business.

Harvey Jason - The Lost World interview

Our collection of Jurassic Park franchise interviews over the last 3 years have always been available on iTunes, Stitcher etc. but due to their length we have never really uploaded them to our YouTube channel. Well, that is all about to change. 

In our recent efforts to keep putting out regular content, we will also be making the previous content available on the platforms it was not available on before.

To start with, we are jumping back to September 2013 where we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with The Lost World's Havey Jason, who played Roland's right hand man, Ajay.

The full length interview is now available on our YouTube channel.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jurassic News & weekly update!

Jurassic News - Jurassic World 2 in London

Jurassic World 2 set to be filmed in London? J A Bayona directing? Jurassic World The Exhibition?

These are all things that have been floating around the Jurassic Park community recently and were discussed in our brand new video series "Jurassic News".

Check out the first episode here

Also this week, we released episode 2 of "The Lost Pod: Jurassic Cast" and were joined by Jurassic Unicast's James Hawkins and Steve Hurrell.

The Lost Pod: Jurassic World podcast

Subscribe and download now on Itunes and all other great Podcast outlets and apps, or listen on the embedded player below.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Lost Pod: Jurassic Cast

So we have the main podcast, we have our YouTube channel and now we've decided to throw together another sister podcast to chat more about JP...why you ask? Why not?!

It's only a matter of time before this...Lost Pod is found and pillaged. 

The Lost Pod: Jurassic Cast - Jurassic Park Podcast
The Lost Pod: Jurassic Cast - New sister podcast to include Jurassic World 2 news & gossip.
This podcast will be a different breed of podcast with more focus on fan interaction and general chitter-chatter; think webisodes but as a downloadable podcast.

We hope you enjoy! Episode 1 is out now featuring Jack and special guest Cory Baker talking about everything from the soundtracks to Jurassic Park 5. Be sure to subscribe over at iTunes (link available soon) and Podbean and give it a rating!

- The Jurassic Cast Team.