Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jurassic Cast Podcast Cast & Crew interviews coming to YouTube!

With Jurassic World fast approaching, Jurassic Cast Podcast is becoming more popular than ever. With growing popularity also becomes demand to be available on more platforms, so over the next few weeks we will be releasing all our previous Cast & Crew interviews in full on our YouTube channel.

We never really had these available in any other place other than the Podcast itself as we wanted the podcast to stay special as a whole, But with new opportunities and projects on the horizon things change. The introduction of the Webisodes was due to popular demand from listeners who wanted to hear our thoughts on all things Jurassic World without having to wait a month or so between podcasts, and we also limited ourselves to Jurassic World news as we wanted to keep the Podcasts in a retrospective manner on the series, and talking about Jurassic World news would be off-putting to new listeners who would be downloading the podcasts post-Jurassic World release.

You can now catch our full ground breaking Colin Trevorrow, as well as our Trevor Morgan Interviews now on our YouTube channel by clicking here or following the videos below. Also make sure you subscribe to the channel for some VERY cool Jurassic World content coming your way!

And remember, Keep Jurassic World #SpoilerFree ;)