Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jurassic Cast Podcast: Episode 13 - Dean Cundey

Episode 13 of Jurassic Cast Podcast is now live on Itunes, Stitcher, podbean.com/jurassiccast and on the player on the right hand menu!

On this episode, Jurassic Park's very own Director of Photography Dean Cundey drops by for a chat with Sam and Jack. The Movie legend, who's work also includes Back to the Future, Hook, The Thing, Halloween, The Fog, The Flintstones plus many more spoke about his experience making the movie and working with Spielberg and the rest of the Jurassic crew.

You can also listen to the new episode below where Sam and Jack discuss the Jurassic World merchandising as well as how AWESOME the Lost World is. But hey, that is every episode!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

On the next Episode of Jurassic Cast Podcast...Dean Cundey!

On the next episode of Jurassic Cast Podcast we are joined by the master of the camera, Jurassic Park Director of Photography Dean Cundey!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Jurassic Park Collection - Steven Ray Morris

Like most of us I've been obsessed with Jurassic Park ever since I saw it in theaters over twenty years ago. As a kid I wanted everything, playing with the toys, videogames and even the trading cards. Flash forward to present day (two JP-related birthday parties in my twenties, a casiopop ode to the year 1993, and numerous Alan Grant cosplay shenanigans later), and I found myself wanting to start collecting Jurassic Park-related merch again. 

A few years prior I found unopened boxes of the Series 1 and Series 2 Jurassic Park Topps trading cards at a flea market. Once I was sitting there opening packs I knew that these were my jam. The imagery is classic Jurassic Park, but there are a lot of fun idiosyncrasies to their designs (due to having to make them before the designers saw the final film or script) that made me want to explore them in depth. 

So this is when JPTopps was born. I'm going through every card in Series 1 and 2 first and then also talking about The Lost World Topps trading cards and even the maligned, but still fun Jurassic Park III Inkworks trading cards. I recently acquired the holy grail of JP trading cards and that's an Australian-only run of Jurassic Park trading cards made by Dynamic Forces. Mostly I'm just having a lot of fun sharing my love of Jurassic Park cards with everyone, learning more about the original film's production, and getting pumped for Jurassic World. It's never been a better time being a Jurassic Park fan.

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