Monday, September 21, 2015

Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow Interview 2 - Now Available!

Colin Trevorrow Jurassic World 2 Interview

Jurassic World Writer & Director Colin Trevorrow has returned to Jurassic Cast Podcast, his favourite Jurassic Park franchise outlet almost 2 years to the day of his original appearance!

Back in 2013, Colin made a guest appearance on Jurassic Cast with his first then Jurassic Park 4 interview which went viral worldwide. Now as promised, Trevorrow returns post-Jurassic World to talk about his experience on Making Jurassic World, Writing Jurassic World 2 and were the Jurassic World sequels are going, as well as some Star Wars Episode 9 talk!

You can listen to the full Colin Trevorrow interview in Jurassic Cast Podcast Episode 20 now in the embedded video below, or the following links

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