Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jurassic World Trailer drops. Surprise podcast drops!

Today will be marked down in Jurassic Park history as when all fans were taken by surprise as Universal dropped the much anticipated "Jurassic World" trailer...2 days early!

Originally planned to be released this Thursday/Friday (depending on your location), the trailer was released today due to unforeseen circumstances and boy are the fans loving it!

So much so that the guys at Jurassic Cast podcast went against all protocol and recorded a special episode on their reaction to the trailer. 

For those who were expecting a full episode with another special Jurassic Park guest do not fear, as the new episode will be released within the next 2 weeks. The usual "schedule matching" is currently being worked out.

So listen to what Sam & Jack have to say below, Tim unfortunately missed the recording due to it being 2am in Australia but called in just after to tell us his mind had literally been blown. Im sure we will get back into it next episode!

By the way, the clock is still ticking on the official Jurassic World site...