Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jurassic Park 4 News & Jurassic Park Fans


So as you're aware we'll eventually be working on a JP fan film called "Jurassic Park: Outbreak." For the moment my involvement is small because I'm far too busy right now to grab this bull by the horns, but from what I've heard through BamSam it'll be a cool little project for JP fans to look out for in the future. So keep your eyes peeled for that! [Check out the vlog below for more information on that]

As for our podcast, we've been a little quiet since the release of the Harvey Jason episode (I hope you enjoyed it!) but never fear as October is approaching and that does mean a new episode is drawing closer. I can confirm we have another special guest on the show and this one should be interesting for all you JP fans. We had a lot of fun with this one. That is all I can say right now. Also as you're aware there has been a ton of JP4 (or Jurassic World) news over the last two weeks and we'll be addressing all that in the next pod with rapid chatter!

JP Fans...

I feel that since the news that JP4 is on the way (and with all the news over the last 6 months) the fanbase has finally stepped out of the shadows and we've made ourselves known to the world. I've always felt like the JP fanbase wasn't very vocal compared to the likes of the Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, or even the Twilight fanbase, so give yourselves a big pat on the back ; )

JP fans have existed since the release of Crichton's first novel. When the internet kicked off I got my first glimpse of just how big the fan base was, and how many people out there felt as I did; but it was never really talked about in pop-culture. As of today I want to call 2013 the year JP fans stepped into the limelight and really made themselves known. The internet (and world) is currently alive with various JP projects, forums, and anticipation for the new movie, and its a great time for us all.

I love reading about what other fellow JP fans are doing, what you guys are creating, so well done and keep up the fantastic work. We're all here for the same reason and June 12th 2015 will be our day.

Life finds a way

- Jack x

P.S Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 
is out on October 25th (here in UK) 
and would you look at that! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jurassic Park 4 - Jumping the Jurassic Park - From Steve (Guest blogger)

With news of JP4 getting a release date and title ("Jurassic World"), I held my breath and counted to 10, not in excitement but to calm down and center myself before making any rash emotional decisions either positive or negative.

Having been scorned so badly from the last movie to be this big of a deal to and then witnessing subsequent horror that became star wars episode one, I would have little faith in JW delivery upon it's expectations. In recent times maybe my level of cynicism has maybe approached levels of being unfair to anything and everything that I just don't like the idea of, had I been judging movies far too harshly? Was Transformers: ROTF really as god awful and void of any artistic merit as I had felt? Yes it was the movie is the epitome of the cancer that is eating away in Hollywood.
However this reaction was not my reaction. Over the past 15 years or so I have met every major release news with a cynical "that will be shit" attitude, however thanks to 2013, I have been offered be a glimmer of hope.

2013 is on it's surface just a standard year for movies, the big blockbusters, sequels, spin offs, re-makes and new lower budget gems.
During 2013 we have witnessed countless formulaic, by the numbers, what work for one will work for us movies FLOP! This summer feels like the summer of 1997, copy cats (Mortal Instruments), franchise killers (Percy Jackson- franchise was already on life support), movies that feel 15 years old (R.I.P.D) and pointless sequels (Kick-Ass 2) have delivered serious disasters critically and at the box office.

So 2013 it's not the producers or studios that have given me hope, it's us the movie going public.
For too long we have been pumping $1b into movies like Transformers: ROTF, and the studios have been patting themselves on the back and lapping up the lush profits from the fertile cash farm which we were becoming.
For too long studio executives have seen box office gross and not quality when it comes to the projects they fund and the bombs that they pump far too much money into (John Carter, Lone Ranger to mention two), these $300m movies were delivering financial results that were way in excess what their actual artistic merit.

On a panel recently 1984 was named as one of the best years ever for motion picture, so let's look at this milestone year. Ghostbusters, original content movie decent budget and great cast of talented comedic actors, part of the SNL true golden generation, it had a great premise, special FX that were ground breaking for the time, yet it wasn't the FX that lead the film, the characters and story line took us on the journey with Venkman, Spengler, Zeddemore and Stantz, and the FX were there to enhance the story telling not replace it. Yet don't be fooled by 1984s claim to the thrown, Terminator and Dune do not count as at the time The Terminator was a minor success and only grew on VHS and Dune although now a cult sci-fi go to movie (or one of those movies that pretentious idiots thinks makes them look like cinema royalty if they name drop it in a conversation) was considered a flop. Movies have always been a mixed bag in the year of release, some are instant hits who's appeal is their run in theaters with no real residual re watch value (Avengers- oh yeah I went there!), movies that are released to moderate success then end up in the DVD pile next to the TV as they are frequently re visited (District 9) or the true classics that shine forever (Jaws, Jurassic Park, Star Wars). It just seem that movies used to be made randomly by many different creatives from all different backgrounds and B_movies could become A movies with a visionary and a budget, lower budget films could compete, and studios seemed to share the money around more projects, as opposed to that one giant cliche riddled by the numbers formula for success which still is a massive gamble (Van Helsing, The Lone Ranger)

This year I hope rejuvenates Hollywood into making movies and not just toy commercials. I am hoping that seeing the errors of sinking $300m into a project opens the door for money spreading thinner across original ideas. I love adaptations, but doesn't mean everything should be adapted! JP was amazing didn't need to see Congo!

However the sad part will be that some attempt to deliver original content have met unfavorable box office results as well. I honestly think 2013 should serve as a wake up call to Hollywood producers that the rules are once again changing and that people want good character/plot driven movies and Michael Bay will not keep getting away with $1b transformers movies, his luck will run out.

So with 2015 the year of BTTF I hope to see JW and SW:epVII redefine cinema and what a movie experience is like the originals and not just more bog standard tripe! Vote with your ticket stubs and keep letting movies no matter how big hemorrhage money for the big boys (Disney, I'm mainly looking at you) if you keep supporting blindly Michael Bays Transformers quality of movie then what hope do we have to ever seen JW or SW:epVII
actually bring back of childhoods and more importantly, think about the children, our lives were enriched in a way that we will probably never truly be able to honestly rate thanks to the great movies we grew up on, what are the children of recent times holding onto when we have Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Reeves Superman, Goonies, Gizmo etc they have Twilight and a Wizard who's not even very good at magic!

- Steve (Guest blogger)

Monday, September 9, 2013

BamSam's The Lost World experience

The Following article is from BamSam's Novermber 2011 post on

The first entry in my guide to '97 is the much anticipated sequel to Jurassic Park.
As stated in the introduction article, I spent most of this years movie going experiences in the then known Warner village in lakeside. The months leading up to the release of TLW, there were lots of teaser posters and trailers popping up around the cinema, one of the most memorable was a huge, almost walk way long cardboard cutout of jungle with a raptor eye peering through a clearing with the words "something has survived" scrolled all the way along. In these pre Internet gossip days, speculation began to grow about a lone raptor surviving the first movies island, but that was quickly squashed with the teaser trailer that followed.

The excitement took the next step when we went to book our tickets the week before release when the cinema had a HUGE (at least 50-60 foot) banner that made it look as though a t-Rex was crashing through the wall ( a few years back I purchased a much smaller but 3d version of the Image, to go with my collection of JP memorabilia). 

So the film was finally released, the buzz around it was mostly positive. The film was a box office smash and the tie ins were out in full force, from burger king meals, tea bags, crisps etc. you couldn't escape the dino fever!

As you would expect it did not live up to the first film, but was a pretty decent effort. The sfx were still mind blowing and the story was enjoyable and fairly loyal to the novel. The one thing that did stick out of the movie, especially for me was the t-Rex rampage through San Diego. What more could you ask for than the king of the dinosaurs rampaging through a city.

There was a few questions that I left the cinema asking myself which still baffle me to this day, like i know the movie is not the most realistic in the world, but how is it possible that jeff goldblum has a black daughter?

Anyways...the film is a fantastic thrill ride and a perfect example of a blockbuster. The Lost World would have been No.1 box office hit of the year but was beaten by a certain romantic James Cameron film, which personally I thought was a ship wreck...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jurassic Park Podcast - Episode 3 OUT NOW!

Episode 3 is released with special guest Harvey Jason!
(click this link to listen now! Or download from iTunes & Stitcher)

It was a real honour having Harvey join us for the third episode of Jurassic Cast. We believe it was his first ever JP related interview which made it all the sweeter.
I hope you guys enjoy it.

2013 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for Jurassic Park and 4 is still to come!

Life finds a way
- Jack x