Monday, December 23, 2013

New Monthly Article: Listeners Collection

We all know that Jurassic Park fans like their collectables, and if you are like me then you will especially like the real odd and rare ones. For a new monthly article we will be asking to see your collection and tell us a little about it. For the first month we have David Gawne. 

P.S. Forgive the spelling and grammar, blame David ;)


I still remember when i was 9 years old going into my local Woolworths and seeing a box with the Jurassic Park logo on,it was the Triceratops figure and i did that thing i always did when i seen some cool toy i wanted i shouted my to Mum and hyperventilated. It was the only toy they had so we got it and it was put away for my 10th birthday,the next day we visited toymaster and told Fred who ran the place that i had got a Jurassic Park toy at Woolworths but he said the date to put them out on the shelves wasn't for another week but just for me he went out the back a brought out about 3 boxes with all the human figures and the Raptor and water spitting Dilophosaur the screaming (Kevin Mcalister) Raptor and screaming Dilophosaur this resulted in probably the greatest birthday ever i can still remember the night before Ferris Bueller was on BBC1 and i was so excited even though i knew exactly was i was getting. 

Throughout the year the collection grew and grew and all the toys were well played with but kept in top condition, i still have all them but as i grew up and discovered ebay and Jurassic Park fan sites i found out that the initial line of jurassic toys was just a small part, 1994 they brought out a new series of human figure with new paint jobs but with added Ian Malcolm maybe the coolest figure ever and some really amazing new dinos like the baryonox and gallimimus, obviously over the years  this lines value increased and so collecting wasnt cheap, some items like the baby hatchlings i found on ebay in the last hour of bidding and stayed up till about 2 in the morning to make sure i won them, i didnt think i would but i did and at a fair price although ive seen a few on ebay now not as cheap, the gallimimus wasnt so cheap that cost over £100 but well worth it, other items i just found by chance others are too hard to come by and too expensive if you do, i also bought the first wave of human and dino figures again just so i have them mint in packaging.

Others items i found that i think are the best include the spitter bath gel and raptor bubble bath both still sealed with bubble bath still in. so here i am 20 years on from that day in woolworths when i seen that box with that logo and even now i still get the same feeling as i did then i scream for my mum and hyperventilate lol


  1. Some cool items you got there, David!


  3. oh my god i cant believe i made so many spelling mistakes i went over it like 100 times before i sent lol